Digital Animation and Effects

Benoît Melançon

Training Manager, Digital Compositing Program, Nad Centre

Animation and visual effects: Expertise in Motion

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In parallel with an ever-accelerating democratization of the tools used in animation and visual effects, we are observing important changes related to the expertise of end users. While traditional training initiatives must deal with a disruption of their organizational and financial contexts, the transmission of knowledge from the analogical medium towards the numerical medium leads to mixed results according to the different jobs within the film and television production.

Already working as a film technician, Benoit Melançon graduated from the NAD Centre in 1997. As a 3D animator and set supervisor, Benoit worked in various video games and visual effects companies such as ZAQ Technologies and Big Bang FX. Now specialized in digital compositing, Benoit joined the NAD Centre team in 2002.

Student Lab, NAD Centre

Robot Basketball, Image by Gilles-Hervé N’Takpé, Nicolas Gaffiero, Andrea Pollano © NAD Centre 2007