Digital Animation and Effects

Marc Bourbonnais

President and co-founder, Modus FX

3-D Stereoscopy: less gimmicky, better to look at and always striking

Just like a fashion cycle, 3-D stereoscopy is making a comeback in movie theatres. But unlike the 1950s and 80s, its reappearance is happening with a new technology: digital projection. Say goodbye to headaches and washed-out colors. Also, stereoscopy is ready to be accessible in our living rooms, helped by big screen television sets and high definition. Is 3-D stereoscopy finally here to stay?

Both an aspiring artist and a technical enthusiast, Marc Bourbonnais has touched numerous aspects of visual effects production over the past twelve years. During his career, he became heavily involved in the technical aspects of 3D production in many blockbusters such as 300, Sin City, Snakes on a Plane and the Spy Kids trilogy. He is currently setting up “Modus FX”, a brand new VFX shop in Montreal.