Digital Animation and Effects

Robert Moodie

Technical Director: Pipeline/R&D, Buzz Image

Real-Time Strategies for Feature film production

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The unsurpassed leaps in PC hardware of recent years means there is now no real difference between consumer and professional content creation tools – and this has caused a democratisation across all industries. The explosion in visual effects in today’s cinema and feature film production has been mirrored by the ever-increasing complexity of video games. As a result, cinema and video games have never been more closely aligned, and both industries are increasingly borrowing from each other. Not all techniques are suitable for each, however. I will attempt to show how we in the feature film industry try to leverage the best of all newly available workflows to enable artists to create bigger, greater effects for less and less budget.

Originating from London with 10 years experience in visual effects, Robert moved to Montreal 4 years ago where he started to work as a Technical Director at Hybride on such films as Spy kids 3D, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Nouvelle-France, Racing Stripes, Sin City, Snakes on a Plane and 300. Eight months ago he moved to Buzz as Technical Director specialising in pipeline and R&D.