Interface[s] Montréal


Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] supported by Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et des Exportations (MDEIE), invites you to attend a unique series of 7 demo-conferences on the digital interface industry in Montreal.

The goal of Interfaces Montréal is to communicate digital interface knowledge and expertise throughout the various ICT sectors in order to stimulate productivity among the many contributing researchers, entrepreneurs and artists.

By enabling cross-sector networking based on expertise, crossover innovations can be developed through non-traditional collaboration activities.

This initiative will help solidify the exceptional positioning of Montréal’s dynamic community of entrepreneurs, researchers and artists among the international elite.

Are you one of Montréal’s major players in the ICT industry (entrepreneurs, researchers, developers, artists)? Why not share your knowledge and expertise:

• During this series of 7 demo-conferences and through the implementation of new types of partnerships and collaborations.

• By registering on our Directory of Organisations.

• By entering your profile on our List of Attendees.

With Interfaces Montréal, you will not only discover the latest in cross-sector innovations, you will share in the vision of local experts and learn more about the economic, cultural and technological issues affecting the industry.