Workshop 1

13/JUIN 06

Convergence,Creativity and Technology… Finally?


More than ever, current trends in multimedia digital technologies are generating profound mutations across all industries, especially the Cultural and Media industries.

How can Montréal take advantage of these ongoing changes to ensure its leadership position among global forces? What type of dialogue can we generate between creative and technological centres? What bridges must we build between creators, engineers and decision makers in order to ensure innovation?


Audience Mutation
René Barsalo – Director, Strategies and Liaisons, SAT

Mutations of Digital Technologies – Everywhere, for everyone, at any time
Réal Gauthier – Consultant, Concept et Forme

Mutations of Media Content – Content 2.0 (or is it 3.0? 4.0?)
Fady Atallah – President, BlueSponge

Creative Mutation
Rémi Racine – President, A2M and Alliance numériQC