3D animation & digital video

17/February 09

Cinema, Video Games and yet Science & Business

Every single day, our eyes come accross thousands of images which are larger than life, mixing the real thing and virtuality. In less than one hundred years, we have learnt to capture the external aspect of our lives (photography, cinema and video) and in less than 25 years, to enrich it with special effects (digital animation and video editing). Along with the outcome of the Internet and digital tools and techniques, the image shifted from paper and reel to computer memory and binary encoding. Such graphics have the power to move us, they make us react when they are used in video games or in a movie. In the fields of science and business, they can for instance influence the way we decide to invest time and money or then again illustrate the discovery of new planetary systems.

3D animation and digital video are already a must in the industry of knowledge and education and they are at the very core of innovation to come in the computer science and industry. How does this technology, which main fields of expertise is and video games and culture, change the way we perceive and deal with our external world and ourselves? What new applications and software are now conceivable due to the increase capacities of graphic cards in our personal computers and cellular phones?


Introduction by Alexandre Jean-Claude et André Foisy – AutoDesk

René Chénier – Producer executive, ONF

Jean-François Pouliot – Director and scriptwriter

Mathieu Roussel – President, Tribord Design

Marc Bourbonnais – Modus FX