New gaming Interfaces

10 march 09

Wii …. then what else?

The video game industry is experiencing a revolution due to interface devices such as those offered by the Wii allowing the capture of the gamer’s movements. Miniaturization of physical componants along with the ever increasing size of the video game indutry and market have made such devices available to the general public. Game conceptors frenetically scrutinise their possible impacts on their gameplay. In parallel, technological artists and some specialized businesses have been using similar interfaces for years in different contexts. They have developped numerous scenarii of use and built a strong expertise in the field. What transfer of knowledge and expertise are imaginable between those sectors now that the technology is both easily accessible and affordable? The secrets regarding the Wii controlers are now available on Youtube. What new ways to use them are being developped at the moment? What impacts will such interfaces have on other aspects of our everyday life?


Introduction by Sha Xin Wei – Topological Media Lab Director

Didier Combatalade – Thought Technology Ltd Project Director

Lynn Hughes – Concordia Research Chair Studio Dept. Fine Arts Faculty

Mike Wozniewski et Zack Settel – Researchers, SAT