New Scenography

27/January 09

The outbreak of venues and conventions

Whole families visit the cinema to see live opera relayed by dozens of tiny cameras. Business meetings and conferences now look like television studio sets or rock concert venues.

Artists in different locations can be seen virtually sharing the same stage in front of the audience. Technical crews in venues and auditoriums already have to master video projectors, lighting and sound systems. They will very soon have to deal with complete video captation units, very high broadband networks, movement capturing devices and sensors as well as robotics. What are the systems currently being developped? How will they impact cultural, educational and business contents?


Introduction by Michel Lemieux – Co-artistic Director, 4d art

Sylvain Rocheleau – Chief Research PropulseART, SAT

Scène Ethique – design and fabrication of scenery

Float 4 – developing and deploying immersive and interactive multimedia environments