Immersive & sensory Cinema

Alan Caskey

Alan Caskey is a senior manager in Global Immersion, a UK based system integrator, specializing in digital fulldome theatres. Alan has been in the electronic display business for more than 25 years, with extensive experience in the high performance displays used in research, entertainment, virtual reality, and fully integrated solutions for the digital theatre application. Alan has been involved with digital fulldome projects ranging from planetariums, cultural displays, to visitor centers and theme park experiences.

Immersion in the Digital Fulldome Theatre

The digital fulldome is creating new future for the planetarium as an immersive environment. New imagery from space based telescopes and the digital mapping of the universe allow a new adventure in astronomy. However, this space is no longer the exclusive venue of one science. The conversion to digital allows experiences not previously possible. Today we are seeing a new generation of story tellers and artists using this space for earth sciences, digital arts, music, photography and creating unique experiences that touch more senses and allow creativity to deliver new audience experiences.