Immersive & sensory Cinema

Daniel Courville

Biography :
Daniel Courville has been teaching sound production and applied computer science at UQAM’s “École des médias” since 1990.
Also a sound engineer, director and producer, he has been involved in 3D sound recording, processing and reproduction and a specialist in Ambisonic technology since 1988. Recently he focused on developing modular software enabling the integration of Ambisonic technology in sound production and post-production environments. He also acts as an Ambisonic consultant with multimedia artists and organizations. Daniel Courville holds an MA in Communications from UQAM.

The Ambisonic technology: a standard production technology addressing the proliferation of multichannel playback formats.

Video DVD format enables 5.1 and 6.1 surround sound. Blu-ray now offers 7.1 surround sound. Composers of electroacoustic music pitch on ad hoc multichannel installations and devices. Accordingly, immersive sound installations found in galleries and museums offer just as many aesthetic choices as logistical constraints. Is there a way to address the ever growing diversity of formats using a consolidated approach regarding production? Ambisonic, nearly a 40 year old technology, offers an answer and proves that it is as relevant as ever.