New Scenography


Realtime surface tracking for interactive applications

Realtime surface tracking technology developed by Float4 is capable of calculating the three dimensional position and rotation of a surface using in infra red illumination.

Combining this technology to real time geometrical image correction gives us the ability to display content on a moving surface. Finally, integrating real-time rendering of the content enables us to the correlation between the displayed content and the orientation of the surface.

Our objective in the medium term will be to apply this technique to more complex geometric shapes such as cubes, spheres, etc..

Real time GPU based fluid simulations for interactive applications

Relying on Navier-Stokes equations, Float4 has developed interactive experiences based on fluid simulations which can replicate fluid behaviors such as water and smoke.

Float4 Interactive is a Montreal based company dedicated to developing and deploying immersive and interactive multimedia environments. By combining real time visual effects and movement based interactions we can create truly memorable and unique experiences.

Using proprietary technology and a talented development team, we give our clients the best tools to make a lasting impact on their audience.