Immersive & sensory Cinema

Louis-Philippe St-Arnault


Louis-Philippe St-Arnault studied scenography and is self-taught in visual immersive techniques he developed while working with artists and collectives like MindRoots (Johnny Ranger), Par B.L.Eux (Benoît Lachambre), kondition pluriel (Marie-Claude Poulin and Martin Kusch), Danse Carpe Diem (Emmanuel Jouthe), Chanti Wadge and many others, Louis-Philippe St-Arnault now dedicates most of his time developing immersive environments and devices as well as production methods for immersive digital content with the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]

Production and simulated immersion in Fulldome Theatres This presentation aims to focus on the different aspects involved in the production of digital content for immersive environments and devices undertaken at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]. Actual examples such as film and storytelling productions, architectural visualization, real-time performance and simulated immersion will illustrate the techniques used for video projection on spherical surfaces.

Louis-Philippe St-Arnault
Production & Development Manager (immersive environments)
Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]