Mathieu Roussel

Mathieu Roussel worked in developping specialized products for the cinema industry for 8 years. He was also industrial designer for Amphibico for 7 seven years during which he developped waterproof camera bodies and accessories for underwater shootings. For nearly 2 years now, Mathieu and his team at Tribor Design focus on developping innovative products for the RED One camera users. The RIP & RIB and the Splashbag are the main 2 products on which they are currently working.

The presentation will focus on:
1. The RIP & RIB, condenser/distributor of HD signals for the RED One camera.
2. The Splashbag, waterproof sealed bag for HD cameras in hostile environments.
3. The reasons why Tribor Design chose the RED One camera.
4. What future for the RED image captation technology and its endless potential uses?