Mike Wozniewski and Zack Settel

Mike Wozniewski’s biography

Mike Wozniewski is a freelance researcher, with a focus on real-time interactive systems, immersive environments, human motion tracking, sensor interfaces, and 3D audio/graphics. Currently, he works with institutions such as the Centre for Intelligent Machines at McGill University, and the Société for Arts and Technology [SAT]. Recent projects (see www.mikewoz.com) involve methods for modeling and controlling 3D audio in virtual environments, as well as research in large-scale mobile audio applications and multi-user sound installations.

Zack Settel’s biography
Zack Settel was born in 1957 and raised in the New York area. He received a BFA in Music Composition from the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), where hestudied composition with Leonard Stein, Morton Subotnick, Mel Powell, and Morton Feldman. Keenly interested in the use of technology in music
production/performance, Settel moved to Paris in 1986, with a Fulbright Scholarship for computer music research and composition at the Institute for Research and the Coordination of Acoustics and Music (IRCAM), headed by Pierre Boulez. After a two-year composing residency there, Settel remained at IRCAM until 1995, working full-time in the music production and music research groups.
In 1997 Settel returned to North America, where he was a professor at McGill University in Canada for two years, chairing the Music Technology area, and teaching courses and graduate seminars in computer music. He was a visiting professor of composition at the University of Montreal (UDM) in 2001-02. In addition to composing full time, Settel now is an associate professor in music composition at the UDM. He is also in (arts/science) collaboration with the Center for Intelligent Machines at McGill, working on immersive audio/music. Since 2003, Settel has directed the immersive audio research group at the Societé des Arts Technologiques (La SAT) in Montreal.
Some of Settel’s music includes the use of advanced live interactive electro-acoustic systems. He has composed chamber works, studio works, as well as music for film, video, television, theater, dance, and opera. His music is published by Editions Ambrioso (Paris), recorded on the CENTAUR, ICMA, MIT Press, and Empreints Digitales labels, and is performed regularly in North/South America and in Europe and Asia. Settel has composed music for Television and Film, and has worked with various performing ensembles including the Ensemble Intercontemporain (Paris), Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (Montréal), Zeitgeist (Minneapolis), the California Ear Unit (Los Angeles), and Chants Libres (Montréal).

About the presentation :
Zack Settel & Mike Wozniewski present low-cost sensing and virtual spatial modelling methodologies for artistic applications, particularly in the fields of augmented reality, mobile/locative media, and spatial audio. They present several examples of multi-user applications and installations where users are represented in a virtual environment overlaying a real physical space. User tracking algorithms are presented for various application spaces, ranging from screen-based deployments using Nintendo Wii controllers, to large-scale outdoor applications using GPS receivers. The resulting interaction is spatial, based on familiar activities of movement, gesture, and navigation. Users feel immersed in these applications, surrounded by the virtual content which is subjectively rendered about them.