Sha Xin Wei 2009

Sha Xin Wei, Ph.D., Ph.D., is Canada Research Chair in media arts, and Associate Professor in Fine Arts and Computer Science at Concordia University. He is Director of the Active Textiles and Wearable Computing Axis of Hexagram. His primary research concerns critical studies of media, science, technology. His experimental work explores gesture, agency, and materiality in kinetic and body-based media, and responsive media spaces.

Dr. Sha was trained in mathematics at Harvard & Stanford Universities. After 12 years of work in scientific simulation, geometric visualization, distributed multimedia, and human-computer systems architecture, in 1996, Sha co-founded Pliant Research with colleagues in Xerox PARC and Apple Research, and in 1997 the Sponge art research group. In 2001 at Georgia Tech, he founded the Topological Media Lab for experimental media art and phenomenology. In 2004-2005, he was Visiting Scholar in the Department of History of Science at Harvard and the Program in Science, Technology at MIT, writing about art research practices.

Sha’s projects include the series of TGarden responsive media spaces, Hubbub speech-based urban installations; calligraphic video Membranes; and Topological Softwear instruments. This work has been supported by the Daniel Langlois Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. Publications include “The TGarden Performance Research Project” (Modern Drama, 2005), and “Resistance Is Fertile, Gesture and Agency in Responsive Media” (Configurations, 2002), and “Differential Geometrical Performance and Poiesis” (Configurations, 2004).