Immersive & sensory Cinema

Yan Breuleux 2009

From video based performances to online interactive projects, Yan Breuleux is specialized in producing experimental animation for immersive devices and environments. His work has been extensively presented in Canada, Europe and Japan and as part of major festivals specialized in digital & media arts such as Ars Electronica, ISEA, Transmediale, Dissonanze, TransArt, MixedMedia and Elektra. His on-line projects have been presented in the Musée du Québec, Musée de Rimouski as well as the New Museum of Contemporary Art of New York.

One can not define immersion from its technological side only. The complex interaction between image, sound and space also has to be taken into account. Using historical and documented examples, Yan Breuleux presents a typology of immersion that reflects the wide array diversity of techniques and means of expression inherent to the field.